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Luxury Outdoor Flooring

If you are a homeowner living in the UK, then you will admit that finding the right outdoor flooring material is hard. Most manufacturers supply substandard materials, and they sell them at inflated prices to confuse the customers. At New Flooring Process, we have compiled a list of some of the best luxury outdoor flooring supply options so that your home can have the best look and make the best decision. Go through the different composite decking and decide which one will suit you best

New Flooring Process uses organic materials to manufacture high-quality tiles. Our tiles are injection moulded, virgin or even a combination of both. Note that virgin material is anything that has not been used or consumed before, which is why we are considered some of the best supply company in the UK. All of our recycled materials used in the production process are graded and controlled.

100% recyclable. Once the material has attained the end of its service life, it can be granulated and then used to produce a new floor. If a floor is not recyclable, when it has attained its service life, it ends up in a landfill since it cannot be used to produce another floor; this is why New Flooring Process is a great solution.

Quality Italian tiles to decorate your exteriors. We produce and supplies Italian Porcelain surface tiles that are the best you can ever find in the UK. Having existed in the market for a considerable time, the New Flooring Process earned a reputation for itself.
We are very organized, and we know what their clients are looking for. Our tiles are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Once we have set eyes on the latest trends, we go back and work to improve something better in terms of design and quality. We have supplied incredible designed Italian porcelain surface tiles in parts of the UK.

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Available in a wide range of striking colours, New Flooring Process tiles look stylish, are slip-resistant, and are completely colourfast, ensuring that your tiles will look stunning throughout their life.

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